Jenna is Special

Why is jenna so special? There have been how many attempts on her life? At least 2, someone tried to drown her & someone tried to burn her alive. Are there that many ppl that want her dead or does A have something against Jenna? And if A wants Jenna dead, how is she still alive? A has killed so many others so easily but not the blind girl? Something smells fishy to me..

PLL 5x05

My first reaction to the opening scene of the 100th episode? Ali was totally meeting Jenna there but Aria ruined their plan.

AHS 1x05 - Spoiler Alert

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not difficult to sell Murder House because of what happened there… it’s difficult to sell Murder House because the WHOLE FUCKING TOWN is ghosts and none of them have bank accounts!


In the season 5 premier after Shana was killed who did spencer call to say “there’s been an accident?”


How did Ali know how to unlock Ezra’s door and Aria didn’t?




I feel so bad for Ricky in season 3 when he knocks on Adrian’s door & asks her if she’s pregnant. I hated Ricky for the first couple seasons when I first watched this show but he ends up being my all time favorite character, he learns from his mistakes, makes an effort to turn his life around,…

Really, because I never saw Ricky do anything to help anyone, after Season 3.  He literally ignores Adrian after her child dies, then humiliates her.  He totally forgets about Ashley, or the friendship they once had to chase after Amy, and ignores how she just ups and leaves or apologizes for how he hurt her.  He really screwed up the bond between Ben and Leo, without caring.  The way he just tries to intimidate Ben in the hospital after Jack was beaten was deplorable.  Adrian lying about not being pregnant was her way of trying to protect people.  Ricky lying about being married, and taking gifts was just selfish.  I know this is sounding mean, but to me Ricky was a better person in Season 1 & 2 toward people than he ever was in Season 3, Season 4, or Season 5 combined.  In Season 4 & 5 he made me sick with how he literally thought he was better than anyone else for being with Amy.   He even thought he was better than Ethan, when Ethan unlike him was still a virgin, and he wasn’t trying to manipulate people into having sex.

We will never agree on this bc we both see it so completely differently. Ricky will always be the character I have the most respect for next to Leo.

Is Hanna Ali’s twin?


In the beginning scene I was like is that Ali or Hanna, she looked so much like Hanna there! I was thinking twins!! Then when Hanna and Ali are at the funeral home the Director thought Hanna was Ali! Maybe they are twins, or the writers want us to think that because it was obvious to me. 

I thought the director actually had Ashley Benson lay in Ali’s bed for part of that beginning scene and then switched back to Sasha bc it looked like Hannah really was there for a sec but then it was Ali again!