PLL Season 5a Finale

During this episode the thought occurred to me that maybe Ali has split personalities and that’s how they are playing out the twin theory. So it’s not really a twin but there are two Ali’s in essence.

PLL 5x09


How freaking funny would it be if Jenna had no clue Sydney was dressing like her!? I mean can Jenna even see right now? For real.

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Unanswered questions from PLL:


Why were you smelling the doorknob?



My sister and I were watching PLL and she had a great idea. That guy that is confessing to the kidnapping, kidnapped Bethany. He is telling the truth about all that happened but he doesn’t realize that Bethany and Allison are different people.



How much money do you bet that in the end this will be just a story that a man was telling to a girl while roasting marshmellows.

Am I the only one or?

That’s one big fucking marshmallow XD

Melissa’s huge secret


OMG. So last night I had a dream a bout pretty little liars . (I don’t even know) And Melissa’s huge secret was that she was secretly seeing doctor Gordon from SAW, and he injected her with some implant the size of a mosquito that directed her to hide someplace safe , if the volcano under yellow stone ever erupted 😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 AND wtf lmao Idek.

Lmfoa.. this makes as much sense as anything else on the show so far!


Okay so this guy, Cyrus? That’s confessed to the fake kidnapping story? Was it just me or did Allison seem scared. Like she did know him, not just that she was freaked that a random guy was confessing. What if he was responsible for the wound on her leg she had during the physical she had when she…

100% agree


1st picture: off of tumblr, from M3 promo -brown eye (not lightened)

2nd: off of tumblr, from TV - bright blue eye

3rd: my screenshot when we see Spencer look at the chair in the cabin.


I don’t think it wasn’t just Noel spying on Spencer. I think A/minion was also spying on Noel and Spencer.

Jenna is Special

Why is jenna so special? There have been how many attempts on her life? At least 2, someone tried to drown her & someone tried to burn her alive. Are there that many ppl that want her dead or does A have something against Jenna? And if A wants Jenna dead, how is she still alive? A has killed so many others so easily but not the blind girl? Something smells fishy to me..